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Health Secret #1: What you eat & how you move is only PART of your health story
What you put in your body and how you move it are two of the biggest influences for your physical health.
But there are many other contributing factors that you need to be aware.
Health Secret #2: Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual state impact your physical health too!
How you feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually will drastically affect how you feel physically. Your brain is powerful, and you can use it for healing as well as destroying your health.
Health Secret #3: all aspects of your Lifestyle  Affect Your overall health & Well-Being
Things like your finances, career, education, social life and overall joyfulness impact your whole body health and need to be accounted for if you want to live a life of complete well being and health.
Are you a fellow health coach, doing some strategic research on how to grow your business? If you're looking for more ideas on what to offer your clients, I think I can help.
My pre-health coach background was in Sales, Marketing & Online Business Development. While I use this experience to help me build my own business, I'm also really passionate about growing the holistic health movement around the world.
This is a bigger mission than just one person can take on. You're not my competitition, your my peers and my support team!
And I want to help you help as many people as you can.
That's why I began Health Coach Press Club. It's there to help you build your health & wellness business.
If this sounds like something you could use...please check it out:
Eating Plan Overlap
Ever wondered why diet after diet has failed you? My new book explores the overlapping factors of every diet that are almost always ignored, and are generally the root cause of all your weight management pitfalls.
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